Chicken steak with black beans


30 Min.


00 Min.



4 pcs. Chicken Steak

200 ml natural yoghurt

1 pc. Lime

100 gr. black beans dried

1 cup of rice

2 pcs. Lime Leaves

1 tsp black mustard seeds


Chives fresh

Chili flakes from the mill

Pepper from the mill

vegetable oil


Salt the meat, put chili flakes on it and sprinkle with the juice of the lime. Add the yoghurt and mix everything well. Leave it to soak in the fridge for one hour.

Let the beans cook for about one hour. Have a snack in between to see if they are cooked. When the beans are ready, drain them through a sieve, add salt and pepper, some vegetable oil and keep warm.

For the rice put up a pot, add some vegetable oil and roast the mustard seeds slightly. Add the rice for a short time and let it sweat. Now fill up with water. Bring 1 part rice and 2 parts water to the boil, add salt, the lime leaf and let it simmer until done.

Cover the bottom of a pan well with vegetable oil and fry the meat pieces on both sides for 1 min. Let it simmer a little bit.


Die Brownies schmecken auch lauwarm (oder in der Mikrowelle erwärmt) sehr lecker mit etwas Eis und Früchten